So what can I expect once I book a photo session?

BEFORE the session: We will talk about what style and location fits your preferences and what you want out of a photo session. Then we will pick a location, date, and time. Payment is due before the photoshoot or at the photoshoot BEFORE any pictures are taken. Paypal, credit, cash, and check are accepted. Paypal and credit price varies from cash and check price. 

DURING the session: a lot of "during the session" questions are answered below in the rest of the FAQ. But in summary: We walk, we chat, we take pictures. :)
AFTER the session: Sneak peek(s) will be posted on the Brittany Black Photography Facebook page 1-5 days after the session. Editing will take about 3-4 weeks for photo sessions and 7-9 weeks for weddings. I will send you an email with all the info you need on receiving your images when editing is complete.



What is a photo session like? 

It's actually a lot easier than people assume it will be. We are going to meet up at a location, walk around, we will stop to take some photos in different areas!


What should I bring to a session?

Water bottles. It's hot in Texas! Please be aware that I can't put anything of yours in my bag (I did it once, the water bottle broke, it was a bad day)

Flats if you are going to be wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes. We may have to do a lot of walking.

Tissues (for sweat and blotting makeup :) )

If you bring any items to your shoot, please keep it in a bag that you are ok with setting on the ground.


Will you pose me/us?

Yes! One disclaimer here: when I work with couples, I'll give you some suggestions about posing - but a lot of the time, I get my best shots from suggesting a pose and stepping back a bit until the couple works out the pose. You are already comfortable with each other, so it's not hard to take beautiful photos together. Don't be surprised if I act out the pose I want you to do, or show you a similar picture. I am a very visual person and seeing something always helps me do it.


I am uncomfortable posing in front of the camera, should I be worried that my pictures won't turn out well? 

The "I don't look good in pictures" mind frame comes from the film age - most times, people had 27 exposures to get the moments they wanted and most were taken at inopportune times... (trust me I have plenty of pictures from my childhood that back this up) I only work with digital cameras, so I often take hundreds of pictures in my sessions, ensuring that you're going to get plenty of good ones. :)


If I have specific picture ideas/poses that I want, can we get them all?

Well, this depends on the number of different things you want and your photo session time! But I'll say that so far, it's never been a problem to request picture ideas and poses! It's not unusual for people to come with me with 10-15 pictures from pinterest or google images and want to get those specific shots. I've had shoots where they come with them printed out and we reference them throughout the shoot! Understandably, the pictures will not be 100% the same from the ones you found, because you are unique and different and the photos will reflect you and your personality. I understand wanting to try and get some specific shots I've seen though, I have a list of pictures I'd like to try for myself as well! So collect ideas, pictures, and concepts that you like and feel free to share them with me. Even if we can't get them all, it gives me an idea of what you like, what you don't like, and your personal style. It helps me know you :) 

Can I bring props to my session? 

Yes, please!! You are welcome to bring props - Everyone loves props and it will help make your session even more unique to you! 

Some ideas:
bright furniture, balloons, colorful large scarves or blankets, bubbles, umbrellas, streamers, pinwheels, scrabble pieces, movies or books you like, bright candies/lollipops, parasols, vintage suitcases, hats, cameras, sunglasses or things that mean a lot to you, cameras, guitar, class ring, your car, books, whatever makes you happy!
Since we might have to walk with the props, be sure that you can carry them easily (of course this doesn't apply to furniture and larger props :)  and also be sure you don't mind if they get a little dirty, unless you bring something to set them down on!)


What should I wear?


Remember to be yourself and dress how you like to dress! Don't be afraid to be bold! 
For ladies - layered and textured clothing, accessories like scarves, colorful earrings, necklaces and bracelets, hats, and cool high heels if you like them! But also remember to be yourself - if you can't walk in heels, wear something else :) You'll be a lot more comfortable and won't be distracted by how your shoes fit!
For guys - layered and textured clothing again! Jackets, jeans, scarves, anything! :)
For couples / engagements / families / groups - Avoid matching each other completely. Just make sure the colors or patterns you wear won't clash. A good way to complement each other without overdoing it is for the lady to wear jewelry, a scarf, or other accessories to match the guy's shirt. 
For children - A session in the morning, after they have eaten or had their nap time is best. Also, you might want to bring their favorite toy, or other colorful cute things that they like or play with. It will help them relax and make them happier. Remember that since children can sometimes make messes and accidents happen, that it is best for everyone in the family to come with an extra outfit with accessories just in case! And don't forget wipes and a cloth for babies, they tend to drool. :)

What should I NOT wear?

Clothing with large text / logos, horizontal stripes, baseball caps (if you'd like to wear a favorite one for some shots that is fine, but mostly they will shield your beautiful eyes from being captured, so I prefer they are not worn during the entire photo shoot). If you wear glasses that turn to sunglasses in the sun, I'll ask you to take them off during the shoot.


How many images do you take at a wedding?

About 50-100 images per hour.


Why should I get prints or products?

Please be aware that digital media is really meant to be temporary storage. Hard drives fail, burned CDs and DVDs become inoperable, types of storage media fade into antiquity before data can be transferred, off site storage companies go bankrupt, SD (or compact flash or micro SD or Memory Sticks) have, can, and will fail at some point.  The only REAL way to achieve longevity of your images is via printed photographs. So please, once you receive your photos, please make back-ups and have prints or products created. You won't be sorry you did! :)


If you are not planning on getting prints / photo books / physical copies of your photos in the foreseeable future:

Although I highly recommend physical copies, if you do not have the means or time to do so right now, then I suggest taking a few simple precautions:

Make copies of your digitals - on different computers, on an external hard drive that is military drop grade, etc.

If you are looking for an external harddrive, keep in mind that they are easily broken. More reliable ones (but still not guaranteed) are the "military drop standards" external hardd rives like the Transcend 1 TB Military Drop Standards external Harddrive (~$75 on Amazon). Also, you should make sure the backup ability on your computer is set up. If you have a PC, you can search "back up and restore" on Google or on the Microsoft website, 


Consider cloud storage. Basically, you just pay for a service to host your files and you can access them from the internet on any computer. I use Google Storage, depending on how much you want, the price will vary. I think I'm paying $5 a year currently for mine. There are also some free ones for limited storage, like Dropbox. 

Please please back up and take care of your photos! Brittany Black Photography cannot guarantee copies of your photos after they have been delivered.