Brittany Black Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brittany Black Photography [email protected] (Brittany Black Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT Brittany Black Photography: Blog 80 120 Engaged: Cady & Hunter Part 2 Recognize this cute couple?  I did their engagement shoot in November and they wanted to do another shoot, this time in a more natural environment (their other shoot was in downtown Fort Worth). Cady and Hunter are so fun to be around. Their personalities shine through their photos so much and I can't help but grin the whole time I edited their pictures. Take a look! :)



WCA_6766 cropped



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Siblings: The Garrett Siblings

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Aggie Senior: Sean

all i know is he said something about "wrecking ball" and I saw this...


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Family: The Schaefers

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Family: The Sanchezs

had to end on a funny note...when moms see their babies eat their shoes :) so cute!]]>
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Family: The Dawsons The Dawson family was so fun to take pictures with! I've literally never photographed so many headlocks... Jessica and Denton were a riot and their mother Kaye was gorgeous! Check out this fun family session!


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Engaged: Cady & Hunter I absolutely loved this session! Cady and Hunter were soo much fun to photograph and chat with! I must say I was completely impressed with Cady though - she wore a thin pretty dress in pretty arctic cold weather. I had like 4 sweaters on and I was still cold! but she managed to look beautiful despite freezing. Our shoot was in downtown Fort Worth, and it has some really great locations.

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Family: The Galloways It was also FREEZING outside, so luckily we were able to take some indoors!

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Family: The McQuillars Texas weather is so bipolar!! It was supposed to get icy cold and possibly sleet the weekend of this shoot, so we decided to look for an indoor location just in case. I found some buildings on TCU campus that we could use and I'm so glad because even though it didn't end up raining, it was FREEZING that day!!! Note to self: having a building to warm up in between pictures is a good idea!
Here are the lovely McQuillars!

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Aggie Engagement: Clary & Colby

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Wedding: Isabel & Ivan

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Aggie Engagement: Brittany & Patrick

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Aggie Senior: Kate

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Aggie Senior: Craig

He looks like he could recruit for A&M! ;)]]>
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Portraits: Alex

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Aggie Engagement: Hanna and Nick
Annndd here are Hanna and Nick, two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They were so sweet and full of laughter! We had our shoot on Texas A&M's campus and got lots of cool Aggie shots :)

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Updates Howdy!

I have just made lots of posts of favorite pictures I have taken! Please feel free to browse them! :) If you would like to inquire about a session, I am only living full time in College Station until September 7th. You can check out the info tabs above (investment, sessions, etc) and shoot me an email at 

[email protected]

or contact me through my facebook page:

to ask me any questions!

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Groups Groups!

BadCat, a local College Station, TX band:

 loved the bookstore shots!!

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Engagements Engagements

Marie-Claire and Michael!

Brittany and Patrick - Aggies!

Hanna and Nick - another Aggie couple!

Becky and Zac!

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Couples Part II I had so many favorites from couples, that I've made a second post. Enjoy!

Hazel and Nathan were such a colorful and fun couple to work with!

Jerritt and Jenna were absolutely adorable together. 

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Couples Here are all of my lovely couples I have had the chance to meet and spend time with! Several became friends, and I have been touched by each of them!

Kayla and Kevin's Christmas session!

Desiree and Robert

 Julia and Matt

Mayra and Angel

Sarah and Zac

I have too many favorites! To be continued!

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Events: Misc Here are some events I have had the pleasure of shooting!

Aurea's Aggie Ring Day. For those of you who don't know about the traditions of Texas A&M, this is a very big day for aggies and their families. 

Omar and Elisa: Promise Ring. Omar wanted to give his girlfriend a promise ring on a very beautiful day in November, and I couldn't be happier to be a part of the surprise! He hid the ring in his motorcycle gloves and was going to let her put them on. Her reaction was so happy when she found a ring in the glove instead!

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Events: Autocross College Station, TX, is lucky enough to be home to the Texas A&M Sports Car Club, which I have been a part of for the past 2 years. For more information, please see their facebook page:


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Events: Bands I have done so many events! Each one is so exciting and an awesome time, and I really enjoy them. 

BadCat, a local College Station band, have become good friends of mine. I have shot several of their gigs, from backyard parties to clubs. 

Raspa, another local College Station band, regularly plays at the clubs in town.

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Seniors Here are my seniors, both high school and college! So happy to get to capture these moments before such a significant change in their lives. 

Max, a high school senior:

Craig, an Aggie senior. Whoop!

Kate, another Aggie senior, kept me laughing during this entire photoshoot! I'm lucky my pictures didn't come out blurry I was laughing so much!

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